Six of our number (actually three Tablers and three 41 club members)  took part in (and finished!) a Triathlon on the 20th of June. Looking at the photographs below, my suggestion is that they might want to ride, instead of pushing, the bikes next year. Well done to them all for an admirable achievement.

Post Match report from Adam S.:

“Results are posted. Really, well done to all especially Mr. Bate with a sparkling finish of just over 1 hour 5 minutes, good for 91st place out of 364 entrants (75th percentile if my pre-prep maths lessons remain true). In individual timings just among our august group, Mr. Bate wins the swim and bike timings, with myself leaning in first in the run total. Mr. Rudman was second in both the swim and bike, and Mr. Bate with a strong silver placement in the run (though Mr. Winterburn could have improved his pool time if he hadn’t paused for the apres-swim jacuzzi and liniment rub-down). Most importantly, no one got the dreaded DNF, or the even more dreaded COIADTCA (carted off in ambulance due to coronary arrest). I also believe Mr. Hampton is to be deducted one minute from his total time for each Stella provided so a superb finish.”


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