Monthly Archives:February 2016

This week, Twyford & District around Table will be fighting for their honour in a battle of wits and skill with other Tables in area 25 kindly arranged by Wokingham RT. This battle of skill will be held at the Hollywood Bowl in Bracknell.

Twyford Round Table are currently in the process of distributing the  funds from our 2015 fund raising activities with Bonfire and Santa’s Sleigh being the two most significant events.  We are proud to announce that the charities we will be supporting this year are:

  • Yeldall Manor
  • Building for the Future
  • The Brownies
  • Daisy’s Dream
  • Me2 Club
  • Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice
  • Twyford Age Concern
  • Twyford Defibrillator
  • SERV (Oxford, berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Northamptonshire)
  • Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance
  • Army of Us
  • Home Start
  • Thames Valley Hospice
  • Kids Cancer Trust
  • Round Table Children’s Wish
  • Brain Research Trust.

Many thanks to all of you for your kind support and generous donations.

This Wednesday, Tomorrow night Twyford & District Round Table will be meeting in the Bird in The Bird in Hand, Knowl Hill and discussing the charities we support for this year.