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This year Twyford & District will be visited by RoundTable on the below dates (see maps for routes) We look forward to seeing you.

Day Date Start Time Area Map
Friday 02-Dec-16 18:30 Twyford Village Fair  Twyford Crossroads
Saturday 03-Dec-16 16:00 Charvil- East Park Farm and Hawthorns
03-Dec-16 18:00 Charvil – North
Sunday 04-Dec-16 16:00 Springfield
18:00 Hermitage Drive
Wednesday 07-Dec-16 18:30 Charvil – Gingells and Chiltern Drive
Saturday 10-Dec-16 16:00 Twyford North
10-Dec-16 18:00 Twyford Centre
Sunday 11-Dec-16 16:00 Broad Hinton
18:00 Broadwater
Wednesday 14-Dec-16 18:30 Contigency / Mop Up If weather has rained off a night, we’ll pick it up here instead.
Saturday 17-Dec-16 16:00 Wargrave North
17-Dec-16 18:00 Wargrave South
Sunday 18-Dec-16 16:00 Colleton
18-Dec-16 18:00 Hurst Main roads.
Wednesday 21-Dec-16 18:30 Contigency / Mop Up & Curry If weather has rained off a night, we’ll pick it up here instead.



Tonight’s meeting is a business meeting, we’ll be planning Santa. #hohoho #RoundTable #Santa

We’ll be posting the dates and routes up later tonight.



This evening Twyford & District Round Table are having a celebratory curry at Mita’s in the village after the successful bonfire & fireworks celebration last weekend.

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