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Next week, Twyford & District Round Table will be going for a group cycle ride on Wednesday 16th June. We’re going to meet at Royal Oak (Buratta’s) Ruscombe – 6:30pm – 7pm start cycling around the local backroads enjoying the scenery and fresh air of the local surrounds, we undertsand it may be warm, so we’ll have lots of stops for refreshments along the way until we finish with a slap up meal at the Landsend (and possibly a cycle through the ford if we feel brave enough).

This year’s cycle excursion was to Bruges (or Brugge if you’re Belgian). 14 of us attended and enjoyed a weekend of Beer, good food and some excellent cycling (that part of Belgium is extremely flat, if a little windy).

We also visited Ypres (Ieper) on the way back to the ferry to continue the war theme which many of these cycle trips seem to have.