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Table Triathletes

Six of our number (actually three Tablers and three 41 club members)  took part in (and finished!) a Triathlon on the 20th of June. Looking at the photographs below, my suggestion is that they might want to ride, instead of pushing, the bikes next year. Well done to them all for an admirable achievement.

Post Match report from Adam S.:

“Results are posted. Really, well done to all especially Mr. Bate with a sparkling finish of just over 1 hour 5 minutes, good for 91st place out of 364 entrants (75th percentile if my pre-prep maths lessons remain true). In individual timings just among our august group, Mr. Bate wins the swim and bike timings, with myself leaning in first in the run total. Mr. Rudman was second in both the swim and bike, and Mr. Bate with a strong silver placement in the run (though Mr. Winterburn could have improved his pool time if he hadn’t paused for the apres-swim jacuzzi and liniment rub-down). Most importantly, no one got the dreaded DNF, or the even more dreaded COIADTCA (carted off in ambulance due to coronary arrest). I also believe Mr. Hampton is to be deducted one minute from his total time for each Stella provided so a superb finish.”

Nineteen and the Silver Fox go cycling in France.

Photographs from Twyford Round Table’s annual cycling trip, this year to Nord Pas De Calais in France. Catching an early ferry on Saturday morning we left vehicles in Coulogne before setting off on our bikes for St Omer, stopping in Ardres for a far-too-big, not suitable for cycling, type lunch. A few navigational hiccups later we arrived at our destination (we’re blaming Google maps).

After a great night out in St Omer we set off back to Calais in the morning, stopping off at the extremely impressive “Blockhaus” in Éperlecques. This was a liquid Oxygen factory and launch site for V2s although never properly finished because the allies bombed it to bits when they discovered it. A huge block of concrete with a massive internal space for holding and launching the V2 rockets. Plenty of sobering reminders of the humans cost of the place too, which was built mainly with forced labour from the concentration camps (especially once the bombing started). The ride ended with a big hill (climb and descent) followed by a 10 mile stretch of easy riding along the Calais – St. Omer Canal.

Thanks to the Sports officer for his excellent planning of the trip, however, the star of the weekend has to be the recalcitrant Silver Fox (a bike so bad that it had to be ridden in shifts).