Photos from last night’s induction. Our illustrious Chairman also received his Diamond badge for the recruitment of most of the men of Twyford.

Santa was out last night in conditions befitting a sleigh even if the sleigh driver disagreed. Take a look at the elves photographs.

Congratulations to Paul, the Organiser, and the Committee for a very successful event. Thanks to all Tablers, 41 clubbers, Ladies’ Circle, friends, family and other community members who helped immensely in putting on the event. Thanks also to everyone who attended. Hope you had as great a time as we Read more…

Dad’s And Kids Camping We decended on Wallingford this year,great fun was had by all ….. Looking forward to next year.

A brilliant night of Hovercraft Racing with 22 of us going to Woldcat Hovercraft Racing near Maidenhead.  We all got 3 races each and had varying degrees of success.  Quickest time of the night was by Richard “the demented bumble bee” Rudman

The Round Table organises the annual Twyford bonfire and fireworks event, one of the biggest and well attended events of the Twyford calendar. This year we raised nearly £10,000 for local charities and good causes.