A Very moist evening, but it’s all for charity.

See the rest of Santa’s schedule here


This evening Santa was visiting the children of Charvil.

IMG_3119 IMG_3128

Tomorrow (Sunday 8th) Santa will be visiting Springfield & Hermitage Drive.

Full schedule can be seen here.

Santa Will be visiting bits of Twyford, Charvil & Ruscombe over the next 2 weeks, below is a list of when & where:


Day Date Start Time Area Map
Friday 06-Dec-13 18:30 Village Fair
Saturday 07-Dec-13 16:00 Charvil- East Park Farm and Hawthorns http://goo.gl/qU5OHr
18:00 Charvil – North http://goo.gl/tJs2OW
Sunday 08-Dec-13 16:00 Springfield http://goo.gl/YdBrRo
18:00 Hermitage Drive http://goo.gl/QL1ovi
Wednesday 11-Dec-13 18:30 Charvil – Gingells and Chiltern Drive http://goo.gl/H0pVN4
Saturday 14-Dec-13 16:00 Twyford North http://goo.gl/lurbZU
18:00 Twyford Centre http://goo.gl/I4Anqk
Sunday 15-Dec-13 16:00 Broad Hinton http://goo.gl/nHOigR
18:00 Broadwater http://goo.gl/tHBwaL
Wednesday 18-Dec-13 18:30 Collerton http://goo.gl/FaAK5C
Saturday 21-Dec-13 16:00 Wargrave North http://goo.gl/iSBD7z
18:00 Wargrave South http://goo.gl/ncN0Sz
Sunday 22-Dec-13 16:00 Hurst TBC
18:00 Contigency / Mop Up TBC


A Pleasant evening at the village fair, many children saw Santa, we will be starting our village visits from tomorrow.


We’re very proud that a few blokes can put on one of Twyford’s biggest annual community events in our spare time. We  have a lot of fun building our bonfire every year on the last Friday of October. Tablers pull together to pile palettes, topping them off with the garden waste of the great and the good of Twyford. Always lots of hard work (which some of us are more used to than others) and a lot of laughing. Saturday is spent fetching and erecting the fireworks and tents, selling tickets and preparing all the catering. Again it’s alot of work but, if the weather is good, we make some serious money for local good causes, this year approximately £9000

If you’re interested in helping out next year, please get in touch to find out about joining us.

Well done to James for the overall organisation of a successful event this year.

The Twyford Advertiser were there on the night and also have some great pictures of the from the event’
















Iffy weather, lots of goose debris but some great times
IMG_20130615_080156 IMG_20130615_121805 IMG_20130615_123311 IMG_20130615_124727 IMG_20130615_132215 IMG_20130615_134155 IMG_20130615_134719 IMG_20130615_182957 IMG_20130615_193253 P1060473 P1060475 P1060477 P1060479 P1060480 P1060482 P1060483 



Great weather and new overalls for the Sam the Train drivers.

Driver Mark Driver Mark Driver Chris

2002-12-08 12.00.00 2002-12-08 12.00.00-4 2002-12-08 12.00.00-3 2002-12-08 12.00.00-1 2002-12-08 12.00.00-2

Some photographs from our bonfire build and fireworks at the weekend.