Business Meeting

Tonight we have a business meeting at the @birdinhandKH With 2 speakers one special constable and one first responder. #roundtable #domore

Community First Responder John giving a chat about his role and the equipment carried.

Thanks also to other John working as a special officer in the roads policing team for a very engaging discussion about your role.

Many thanks for supporting us & Santa’s Sleigh


Twyford Round Table are proud to announce that the donations from the Santa Sleigh this year were : £4373.21

We would like to thank the kind residents of Twyford, Wargrave & Hurst for their generous donations and the warm welcomes into your streets. None of this would be possible without you.  We would also like to thank our volunteer elves (and their children) who braved the wind and rain to bring smiles and Christmas spirit to the local area.

We will distribute the proceeds in the new year to local charities and publish the charity names on our website (

The leftover chocolates will be donated to the children’s ward at Royal Berkshire hospital before Christmas.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Twyford’s Santa Schedule 2016

This year Twyford & District will be visited by RoundTable on the below dates (see maps for routes) We look forward to seeing you.

Day Date Start Time Area Map
Friday 02-Dec-16 18:30 Twyford Village Fair  Twyford Crossroads
Saturday 03-Dec-16 16:00 Charvil- East Park Farm and Hawthorns
03-Dec-16 18:00 Charvil – North
Sunday 04-Dec-16 16:00 Springfield
18:00 Hermitage Drive
Wednesday 07-Dec-16 18:30 Charvil – Gingells and Chiltern Drive
Saturday 10-Dec-16 16:00 Twyford North
10-Dec-16 18:00 Twyford Centre
Sunday 11-Dec-16 16:00 Broad Hinton
18:00 Broadwater
Wednesday 14-Dec-16 18:30 Contigency / Mop Up If weather has rained off a night, we’ll pick it up here instead.
Saturday 17-Dec-16 16:00 Wargrave North
17-Dec-16 18:00 Wargrave South
Sunday 18-Dec-16 16:00 Colleton
18-Dec-16 18:00 Hurst Main roads.
Wednesday 21-Dec-16 18:30 Contigency / Mop Up & Curry If weather has rained off a night, we’ll pick it up here instead.